The preserves from A Poveira are 100% of Portuguese production. 


The high quality of its products is a result of the fish quality and the production method.


Combining the traditional techniques to the most advanced production technology, A Poveira gets the best product, with a great variety of recipes. 

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Fábrica de Conservas A POVEIRA, S.A.

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A Poveira is one of the oldest canned fish factories in Portugal (1938), located in Póvoa de Varzim (oceanside city in the North of Portugal).

A Poveira os positioned in the industry as a canned fish producer of high quality. 


1938 A Poveira was founded on June 16th and succeeded a French factory, the 1st canned fish factory to be created in Póvoa de Varzim in 1920;


1945 The Portuguese canned fish sector setor witnesses a great growth during World War II and Poveira also benefited from this conjuncture.  The Portuguese cans supplied the armies in combat;


1945 – 2003 The end of  World War II meant a large decrease in exports of canned fish. After Portugal's CEE entry (1986), the industry went through a great effort to adapt, namely to new legal and health rules; until 2003, A Poveira has gone through various crytical periods.


2003 A Poveira starts its proccess of modernization of the factory;


2007 Beginning of construction of a new industrial unit, inaugurated on 02/01/2013;


2013 New Factory;


Mission, Vision and Values



We apply the financial, human and technical resources available to us to transforming sustainable products, in order to produce and commercialize canned fish that will meet our clients and consumers' expectations.
We contribute to the social development by creating jobs and being mindful of the professional, social and environmental balance, generating value and wealth to the whole community, collaborators, stakeholders, suppliers, clients and consumers.



To be the reference in the premium market, in national and international levels, preserving the best from the sea, maintaining tradition, with modernity and leading in innovation. 




Team Spirit fundamental to the organization's success.


Transparency in our relations with internal and external interested parties. 

Rigor in the development of activities that assure the fulfillment of our vision. 

Ambition in the establishment of performance goals.

Humility in serving as well as asking.



Our canned fish preserves are known globally for their quality and delicious taste. They're produced with the best fish and according the Portuguese traditional method. 


The fish is selected and prepared manually in order to obtain a product of superior quality. 




BRC Global Standards Certification

IFS Certification


Kosher Certification


Halal Certification


Dolphin Safe Certification

BIO Certification


Register in Food & Drug Administration (FDA)


We also have the Blue Ecolabel from MSC - Marine Stewardship Council, certification that insures the exclusive recourse to products from an environmentally sustainable fishing, such as purse seine fishing. 


Management Policy

Aware of the importance of the Satisfaction of its Clients, Society in General and Sustainable Development, A POVEIRA assumes the continuous improvement as well as the compliance of legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the product, as determinant factors in guaranteeing  the return in the invested capital and the business sustainability.


The Integrated Management Policy of Fábrica de Conservas A Poveira, S.A. is built on values of competence, honesty and transparency in the supply of safe products that comply with the Client's requirements and technical specifications, not compromising its health and safety, thus assuring their satisfaction, based in principles of trust and rigor that guarantee competitive patterns of quality and food safety.


In this perspective, A Poveira:

1. invests in modern technologies, equipment and infrastructures, that combined with competent and motivated human resources, promote the continued improvement of the processes and Integrated Management System, boosting the company's performance and efficiency.


2. establishes relations of partnership and proximity with its suppliers, in order to assure conformity, food safety and protection of the species that constitute the raw materials, products, technologies and services. 


3. privileges the training and experience of collaborators, valuing and stimulating innovation, encouraging the participation and alignment of everyone and, this way, the personal fulfillment of each one;


4. assumes environmental responsibility in the rational use of resources, controlling the aspects of its activities, to minimize the environmental impacts.

5. compromises in producing safe products, in  conformity with the agreed technical specifications and with current legislation, assuring the quality and authenticity of all products and preventing food fraud


The Administration Board  takes responsibility in the success of this Management Policy as a relevant factor to the sustainability of the business.