Codfish in Olive Oil and Garlic

Codfish from the North Sea, dry and salted to the Portuguese taste, canned by hand. Seasoned with olive oil and garlic, it has the traditional Portuguese cuisine flavor.

Dia dos Namorados Kit A-Mar Minerva

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Fonte natural de proteínas
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  • Canned codfish (Gadus morhua) with traditional Portuguese recipe.
  • White fish, rich in protein and low in fat.
  • Topping liquid based on olive oil and fresh garlic.
  • Perfect for easy and authentic recipes.


Codfish (min 70.8%), olive oil (27%), garlic (0.3%) and salt



Em 100 g de peso escorrido
Energia774 kJ / 184 kcal
Proteínas28 g
Lípidos8 g
dos quais saturados1,3 g
Hidratos de carbono0,5 g
dos quais açucares0,5 g
Fibra alimentar: g
Sal2,3 g
  • Source of high biological value proteins and low in saturated fat.
  • Cod is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which have anti-inflammatory properties and help regulate cholesterol.
  • Besides omega-3, cod also contains minerals such as potassium, which favours the proper functioning of the nervous system, and phosphorus which helps the brain to function well.

Name of the food: Codfish in Olive Oil and Garlic
Country of origin: Portugal
Operator name: A POVEIRA S.A.
Operator Address: Parque Industrial de Laúndos, Lote 46 4570-311 Laúndos Póvoa de Varzim (Portugal)

Health Register: PT C 249 1P CE

Codfish in Olive Oil and Garlic Minerva

Raw material

The common codfish (Gadus morhua) is a migrating species that lives in the cold, Northern seas. It is part of the white fish family and generally has a small size, although some can have 2 meters of length and weigh 100 Kg. It feeds on smaller fish, like herring or sardine.

The codfish used by Minerva is obtained with traditional fishing methods that guarantee the environmental sustainability and protection and with MSC certification – Marine Stewardship Council.

Preserve preparation

The Minerva codfish preserve is done according to the traditional Portuguese recipe: after receiving the dried, salted codfish, it is first soaked and then cooked in steam.  Once ready, it’s manually canned and added the olive oil-based covering and a few slices of fresh garlic.

The can is sterilized by a thermal process at 118ºC, guaranteeing the safety and preservation of the product. The cans are presented individually with a weight of 120g per unit.

Conservation and harmonization

Due to being canned, it can be stored in a dry place without any need to place it in the fridge. Its preserved state allows it to be consumed once opened, avoiding the whole preparation process and without running the risk of being too salty. In case the whole content of the can is not consumed, it is recommended that the leftover is taken out and kept in the fridge for a maximum of 48 hours.

We recommend consuming this can naturally, taking advantage of the product quality and its covering oil, or in any case accompanied by garnishment to your own taste.

Bacalhau e alho de Minerva
Bacalhau em alho Minerva 2


Recipes with canned codfish


The codfish in preserve is a very versatile product, that allows using both simply as it is in the can as an appetizer, as well as making a delicious meal with a quick preparation,

In Portugal, the Codfish with Chickpeas recipe is famous, an exquisite salad, at any time of the year, that combines the codfish in slices, boiled chickpeas, onion and parsley, all involved in olive oil, with some drops of red wine vinegar. For this salad, our canned codfish is perfect.

The Codfish in Olive Oil preserva can also be used to make a very quick “Bacalhau à Brás”, or “Golden” as it’s known in the North of Portugal. For that effect, it’s enough to place the content of 1 or 2 cans in a pot, let it warm up, add beaten eggs, mix everything very well, season according to your own taste and, in the end, to sprinkle it lightly with parsley and decorate with black olives.

Recipe Bacalhau à Brás