FAQs – Frequently Asked Questuions about APOVEIRA.PT

Version 1.1 published on June 15th 2021





What is A Poveira?

A Poveira is one of the oldest canned fish factories in Portugal. It was founded in 1938 in Póvoa de Varzim and its headquarters and production are at Zona Industrial de Laúndos since 2013.


What type of products does A Poveira have?

A Poveira produces mainly preserves of sardine, mackerel, tuna and codfish. These products can be found in its brands, such as Minerva and Poveira, as well as in private labels for some of the main European chains.

In both situations, the focus is the pursuit of the maximum quality, both in the origin and the raw material selection, as well as in the strict process of manual production and the attention to the preserves’ final presentation.

Always in a sustainable way and with respect for the environment, which makes it possible to have the most important certifications on quality, food safety and marine resources sustainability. Besides that, it cooperates with the main organizations dedicated to its protection.



Canned fish are characterized by their convenience, safety and nutritional value, which make them the best choice for consumption anytime, anywhere.

Do preserves have preservatives?

No. The sterilization process that preserves undergo destroys the microorganisms responsible for food deterioration, which prevents the addition of preservatives.


Should we discard the covering liquid that is contained in the canning tin?

No. This liquid can be composed of the product’s own “juice”: olive oil, marinade, sauce… It contains most of the nutrients and vitamins of the product, so we can consume it in its entirety or use it to use in another dish.


Is the nutritional value of preserves lower than that of fresh produce?

No. The packaging process preserves all the nutritional properties of the product, in addition to those of the topping liquid used (olive oil, for example).


Do the preserves have an expiration date?

Canned foods have a “preferable consumption date”, after which certain organoleptic qualities of the product can be lost, without involving any risk in their consumption.


Can preserves improve over time?

Yes. Especially in the case of preserves in oil, which “mature” over the months, gaining in flavor and texture.


Can preserves respect the environment?

Cans are the most recycled packaging and are 100% recyclable. Furthermore, since they do not need refrigeration, they do not consume energy in their conservation.


Do canned fish preserves have anisakis?
The anisakis is a parasite that can be found in certain fish and that can affect humans after consuming raw or lightly cooked fish. The risk of anisakis disappears when the fish is heated above 60º C for more than 10 minutes or by freezing at -20º C for 24 hours. All our preserves are subjected to a sterilization process that involves a minimum temperature of 115º C for times from 30 minutes to more than 3 hours, which guarantees the safety of the product in terms of the presence of anisakis.


Is it possible to consume canned foods during pregnancy?

Yes, canned fish maintain sufficient quality controls to not only allow consumption during pregnancy, but also in some cases it is recommended because of the properties that fish such as sardines or mackerel have. Excessive consumption of fresh blue fish, such as red tuna or swordfish, should be avoided because of their mercury levels.


What are Omega 3 fatty acids?

They are essential fatty acids that our body does not produce and must be acquired through our diet, fish being their main source.

Regulate cholesterol levels and prevent cardiovascular disease.



How can I make an order?

When browsing our website, you can search for canned foods both by the Minerva and La Gôndola brands, as well as using the search button that you will always find in the upper right corner.

As you add products to the cart, it will be filled as far as you want and then proceed with the payment, indicating the details of the location to which you want the shipment.

All orders placed before 12:00 will be delivered the following business day in Mainland Portugal.


If you still don’t like to buy canned food online, you have the option to handle the order via Whatsapp, so you can access it directly from the top left of the web or by contacting directly on 00351 924 470 040 and we will handle your order via Whatsapp.


How can I pay?

You may select any of the following payment methods:

– Credit/debit card

– PayPal




Is there a security system when giving my data on the web?

All payment transactions on the web are carried out through a secure server, based on the SSL standard (you will see that the website’s domain starts with https://) which protects your data from third parties. In addition, when paying for the order, the circulation on external platforms dedicated exclusively to the management of this type of collection (PayPal), the security and rigor standards are extremely high, so that at Poveira we never have access to your payment data.

Only in the case of debit or credit cards and within the website, a Stripe script is used in order to save the payment method and be able to use it in future purchases without the need to re-enter the same data, but this operation of storage takes place on the said secure platform, not on the Poveira website.

The rest of the personal data or the place of delivery that are entered during the purchase process are saved in a database designed for this purpose.


Are there any discounts for customer loyalty or purchase value?


In Poveira, we promote the Buy + Pay – program, by virtue of which we want to reward customers who buy boxes of preserves instead of units.

On the one hand, and primarily, with our loyalty program, we reward our most loyal customers who have purchased more times before, with discounts on successive purchases, as well as granting different types of benefits.

On the other hand, for existing customers and new customers who buy + quantity, purchases have a generic discount that can be seen in the form of each product, which indicates that if you buy X units of it, the price is lower.


How much are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs for orders with home delivery are as follows:


DestinationTypeRateFree since*
Mainland Portugal24-48 hours3,9560,00
Mainland Spain24-48 hours5,95100,00

*Value upon which the shipping costs are not charged (all prices include tax charge)


As for the indicated delivery times, in order for us to correctly prepare the orders for each day, we need a small amount of time, so all orders paid before 12:00 on a business day leave on the same day which is when said deadlines start their counting. From that time onwards, incoming orders will be considered on the following business day.


Can I pick up my order somewhere specific?

No, as we currently do not have our own store or collection point for sending these orders.


What happens if there’s a problem with the delivered order or something I don’t like?

You always have 14 days following the delivery of the order to enjoy our preserves or choose to return them, for no other reason than the desire to do so.

In any case, to proceed with the return, just contact us via email ola@apoveira.pt, indicating the reason and the products you are going to return. With this email, we will inform you step by step of the process to resolve it as soon as possible. When we advise you, a courier from the shipping company will go to pick up what you want to return. Once received, within 14 days we will refund the amount paid for the products plus shipping costs (if you paid at the time of order) and less collection costs (except in the case of defective products or sent by error), via payment method with which the purchase was made.

We only ask you, as requirements for collection, that the products are not opened or that you return them to us in the most similar packaging conditions to the way we sent them.


Is there a maximum or minimum amount to place an order?

Yes, there is a maximum value. Requests that are worth more than 2,000 euros, or that contain more than 50 items, for purposes other than purchasing, should contact A Poveira through mercado.nacional@apoveira.pt and/or exports@apoveira.pt.

There is no minimum order, so it is possible to order a single unit of any product to be sent to your home.


Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order by email or phone free of charge until it leaves our warehouse.

If you notify us of the cancellation after submitting your order, we will have to treat it for all purposes as a return.




What advantages do I have when registering as a user?

When registering as a user, you have two types of benefits:

  • Firstly, you will have access to your data dashboard in which you can manage
    • the identification data
    • your order delivery addresses
    • Points balances to use on future purchases
    • the friends you have invited to Poveira and the discount coupons you have earned for this reason or your friends
    • your discount or return vouchers that we may have assigned to you
    • your history of purchases you have made previously in Poveira
  • Secondly, it will allow you to handle your purchases with greater speed and agility by having your personal data saved (except for payment methods).


How can I register as a user?

You can register as a user when making a purchase, adding a password when filling in your personal data or also directly on the user identification page, in the registration section.

In the first option, you will already have your personal and delivery data for future purchases; in the second step, you will simply have your email and password.


Are there any costs for registering as a user?

All in all, it has no cost, but associated benefits as previously indicated.


What happens if I forget my password to login as a user?

You can retrieve it automatically in your email, entering it in the field that prompts you to request the password recovery when you click on Login/Login without having correctly identified it.

You can also change it in your user session, when you identify yourself correctly, in the menu My Account/Account Details/Change Password.


How does Poveira use my data?

All the data you provide us with are included in an automated file of personal data and maintained with the responsibility of Poveira and in accordance with the Privacy Policy that we have published on our website, in compliance with European and Portuguese regulations on protection of data.

This data is used to facilitate your navigation the next time you visit the website, as well as to analyze general user behavior, impact with personalized advertising or offer promotions or news related to your tastes and preferences. In all these cases, they are always handled automatically and anonymously. They will never be transferred to third parties or companies and will always be able to exercise the rights of consultation, modification, withdrawal and elimination by the owner of the same through the website or by contacting via email ola@apoveira.pt.