Mackerel Fillets in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Atlantic mackerel fillets of excellent quality and taste. Impeccably cleaned and canned by hand for a perfect presentation, with high quality olive oil to cover.

Dia dos Namorados Kit A-Mar Minerva

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  • Minerva Mackerel fillets are produced entirely by hand
  • Mackerel from the Atlantic coast only
  • White, soft fillets, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil from organic farming


Mackerel (70%), olive oil (29%) and salt



Em 100 g de peso escorrido
Energia815 kJ / 195 kcal
Proteínas25,1 g
Lípidos10,5 g
dos quais saturados2,2 g
Hidratos de carbono<0,5 g g
dos quais açucares<0,5 g g
Fibra alimentar: g
Sal1,9 g
Source of Omega 3 fatty acids High levels of vitamin B12, but also contains vitamins A, B, D and E High nutritional value

Name of the food: Fillets of Mackerel in Olive Oil
Country of origin: Portugal
Operator’s name: Conservas A Poveira S.A.
Operator Address: Parque Industrial de Laúndos, Lote 46 4570-311 Laúndos Póvoa de Varzim (Portugal)

Health Register: PT C 249 1P CE

Mackerel Fillets in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Minerva

Raw material

Scomber colias is the mackerel species used for production of Minerva mackerel fillets. Abundant species in the Atlantic coast and caught according to sustainable methods.

Can preparation

The preserve of mackerel fillets uses the entire fish, that upon arrival at the factory is pre-cooked and only afterwards is prepped and cleaned, integrally by hand. The mackerel is completely cleaned, taking only the white meat which is cut in fine fillets, that will finally be covered by a delicious organic extra virgin olive oil.

Conservation and harmonization

Keep in a cool, dry place. After opening, if not entirely consumed, the product must be stored in the fridge, in a closed container until 48 hours.

The mackerel fillets are perfect for the preparation of delicious, sophisticated appetizers. Try placing a fillet on top of a toasted slice of bread and drizzled with the can’s own organic olive oil. A dash of black pepper freshly ground and herbs and you’ll have a spectacular hors d’oeuvre.

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