Mackerel Paste

The mackerel paste is presented with an ultra creamy texture, of light color and soft taste. Made according to the traditional La Góndola recipe, it surprises the most demaning tastes.


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Em 100 g de peso escorrido
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Patê de cavala La Gondola

Raw material

The mackerel is a pelagic species that forms big schools of fish. It is characterized by the elongated body without scales. Caracteriza-se pelo seu corpo alongado e sem escamas. Found near the coast, inhabiting at the bottom of the can during the day and rising to the surface during the night.


Can preparation

The La Góndola mackerel paste is prepared with mackerel that is first cooked and completely cleaned, taking advantage only of the white meat of the fish. The result is very creamy, tasty paste. The final process of sterilization at 118º will eliminate any bacteria and will grant its long duration.


Conservation, use and harmonization

The mackerel paste must be consumed at room temperature, not needing preservation in the cold, just in a dry place.

It is ready to be consumed, it is not necessary any preparation. It must be consumed in its entirety after opening.

Ideal to spread on bread or crackers, as the base for refined canapés or simply consumed directly from the can as a quick, nutritive snack.

Patê de Cavala La Gondola
Patê de Cavala La Gondola 2