Organic Mackerel Paste

The mackerel paste with organic ingredientes, a 100% natural product, is perfect, given the smooth, creamy texture, to serve as the base for sophisticated canapés.

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Em 100 g de peso escorrido
Energia kJ / kcal
Proteínas g
Lípidos g
dos quais saturados g
Hidratos de carbono g
dos quais açucares g
Fibra alimentar: g
Sal g

Organic Mackerel Paste La Gondola

Raw Material

The mackerel moves in large schools of fish. Long body and scaleless fish. Easily found near the coast. Used by the canned fish industry since its beginning, as the preserve values its flavor and texture, maintaining all nutritional value.

Preserve preparation

Firstly, the mackerel is cooked and cleaned, using only the white meat of the fish, which will be cooked along with the rest of the ingredients, in this case, all from organic agriculture. The final process of sterilization at 118º gives finally the large validity of the product.

Conservation, use and harmonization

Consummed at room temperature, it’s not necessary to store in the fridge.

Ready-to-eat product, and must be consummed in its entirety after opening.

The mackerel paste with organic ingredientes is the perfect “companion” to a quick, but nutritive snack.

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