Sardine Paste

Creamy sardine paste and with all of Portugal’s traditional taste. Ideal to spread on bread or toasts, the sardine paste is made according to the excluse Poveira recipe.

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  • Pilchardus is the species of sardine used in Minerva pâtés
  • The pâté is made using whole sardines
  • Quality ingredients are added to the sardines
  • Perfect for exquisite canapés, snacks or as a quick snack


Sardine (Sardina Pilchardus), Refined Olive Oil, Tomato Concentrate, Water, Vinegar, White Pepper, Salt


Contains fish. May contain traces of milk and gluten.

Em 100 g de peso escorrido
Energia kJ / 220 kcal
Proteínas9 g
Lípidos20 g
dos quais saturados4 g
Hidratos de carbono0 g
dos quais açucares0 g
Fibra alimentar:0 g
Sal2 g
  • Sardines are a highly nutritious blue fish.
  • It provides Omega 3, a fatty acid needed by our body, but not produced by it.
  • Source of complete proteins, Iron, phosphorus and magnesium and Vitamins A, B,D,E and K

Name of the food: Patê de sardinha
Country of origin: Portugal
Operator’s name: A POVEIRA S.A.
Operator Address: Parque Industrial de Laúndos, Lote 46 4570-311 Laúndos Póvoa de Varzim (Portugal)

Health Register: PT C 249 1P CE

Sardine Paste Minerva

Raw material

Pilchardus sardine, or european sardine, is a coastal species that movies in schools of fish and at a shallow depth. It feeds fundamentally on plankton.


Can Preparation

Minerva pastes recipes has been passing from generation to generation of canned fish workers, who follow the old family recipe, to obtain a product that will diferentiate from the others in the market. The ingredients are involved to have a smooth, uniform paste. The cans are sterilized at 118º, this way guaranteeing the longevity and safety of the product.


Conservation, use and harmonization

Product ready to be consumed, not requiring any preparation. It must be consumed at room temperature in its entirety after opening, spread on bread, toasts or fresh vegetables, like celery or carrot.

Patê de Sardinha Minerva
Patê de Sardinha Minerva