Sardines in Organic Olive Oil with Organic Piri-Piri

Quality sardine to which fresh, organic piri-piri is added. All covered with an intense organic olive oil for a unique combination, full of flavor.

Dia dos Namorados Kit A-Mar Minerva

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Contém peixe
  • Caught during the campaign months
  • Canned fresh, with organic chilli pepper
  • Drizzled with organic extra-virgin olive oil


Sardines (min 70.8%), olive oil (28%) and salt



Em 100 g de peso escorrido
Energia1413 kJ / 341 kcal
Proteínas20 g
Lípidos29 g
dos quais saturados5,6 g
Hidratos de carbono<0,5 g g
dos quais açucares<0,5 g g
Fibra alimentar:0 g
Sal0,84 g
  • Source of omega-3 fatty acid, sardines are a good and healthy choice.
  • They provide high levels of calcium, ensured by the heat sterilisation process, which allows the calcium to pass from the bone to all the fish that is consumed
  • Their good nutritional properties are also due to their high protein, vitamin and mineral content

Name of the food: Sardines in Spicy Olive Oil with Pickles
Country of origin: Portugal
Operator’s name: A POVEIRA S.A.
Operator Address: Parque Industrial de Laúndos, Lote 46 4570-311 Laúndos Póvoa de Varzim (Portugal)

Sanitary Register: ES 12.06648 / C CE

Minerva Sardines in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Organic Malagueta

Raw material

The sardine is without a doubt the most famous of the “blue” fish. The blue designation is due to the silver-blue color of its scales. Captured by the purse seine method, Portuguese traditional fishing which maintains the respect for the ecosystem.

Can Preparation

The best specimen are selected to can in the Minerva brand. The traditional production method is maintained, the pre-cooked method, which allows for a total blending of the fish with the covering sauce.

Conservation, use and harmonization

Preserve in a cool, dry place, not needing refrigeration. After opening the can, what is not consumed must be stored in the fridge, in closed container, up to 48 hours.

Sardinha Picante Minerva Bio
Sardinha Picante Minerva Bio 2