Specialists recommend fish to be part of our food diet at least twice a week. Fish is a product with many benefits to the heart, brains, muscles and bones. The canned fish preserves are a simple way of consumming this type of food on the day-to-day life.

Omega 3

This type of fat is essential to our organism. The cold water fish, especially the sardine, are rich in omega 3. 

The regular consumption of these foods can reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes. 400g per week is the recommended quantity of consumption of fat fish, such as sardine or mackerel. 

Healthy Bones

Fat fish, like sardine and mackerel, are natural sources of vitamin D, that allows our body to absorb calcium. These fish in preserves are sources of calcium, essential mineral to have strong bones.

Proteins and Vitamins

Fish in cans is a rich source of protein of high quality, without unsaturated fat, as well as Vitamin B12 and D.


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