75 Years of tradition 

A figure of Greek-Roman mythology, Minerva, goddess of excellence and wisdom, she's the patron of Poveira's flagship brand, conveying its values and products: quality and excellence. 

The Minerva canned fish brand was created in 1942 and since this date has been surprising with its superior quality. Its preserves are produced with fresh fish, manueally selected and prepared to surprise the most demanding taste. 

MINERVA canned fish are produced exclusively with the traditional method, the pre-cooked, centennial method through which the fish is cooked in steam before being canned. The traditional method gives superior quality and unparalelled taste to the final product.

The Minerva brand stands out as well by its diversity of tastes and recipes. Of the various available options, it's possible to highlight the skinless and boneless sardines in olive oil, the sardine in olive oil with piri-piri, the mackerel fillets in spiced olive oil with pickles, the tuna fillets in olive oil and also the sardine roes with different sauces. 

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